Cancellation Policy

An order can be canceled and refunded 100% only if it is informed within 24 hours of the order being placed. The request for the Cancellation of the order will be entertained only if it is shared via email.

If the cancellation is being informed after 24 hours then we will be able to refund only 80% of the payment. 20% of the amount will be deducted as Order Processing Fees.

If the Cancellation of the order is informed after the ordered products are being arranged then we will not be able to cancel the order at all.

The process of an order starts immediately once it is being placed. There are various phases through which an order undergoes like product procurement, customizing, packaging, etc. So if the cancellation request comes after 24 hours the order must have gone through some of the phases mentioned. In such cases the cancellation will be handled based on the completion of the process, which might incur a deduction of 30%.

If an order or product is getting canceled due to non-possibility of the customization (in terms of stitching) then the Refund will not be possible. The customer will have to select some other product of the similar price range from the Website as an exchange.